Original Artwork

Mini and Small Square Button  Medium to Jumbo Button Image 3 x 3


About the Artist

2018 Head ShotAnn has a fascination with the obvious and underlying poetic movement patterns found in nature and the sensations they create.  Specializing in abstract studies of water, her primary and preferred medium is applied paper on wood using an application technique which is both beautifully impossible to control and highly reflective of the inherent nature of her subject matter.

Ann grew up on the Chesapeake Bay with summers spent floating in the Atlantic and has always been incredibly drawn to the water.  Her work in the corporate business development world allowed her to travel extensively to coastlines all around the globe where she gathered inspiration.  Her work in the corporate world also acts as a reminder of how important it is to take the time to truly enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Ann aims to create pieces that remind people to stop, breathe and enjoy the restorative properties of Nature.


About the Current Adrift Collection

Adrift is a collection inspired by the intimate feeling of releasing control while embracing the sensations of nature….capturing the moment when fear and excitement transform into peace and tranquility….the moment you let go.